Sudbury Silk Mills

Client: Sudbury Silk Mills

Creating a brand identity and launching a new WordPress website

Sudbury Silk Mills is a textile manufacturing facility based in Sudbury, Suffolk. It is family owned and has been operating for over 300 years.

Sudbury Silk Mills has three individual companies weaving at the mill each with their own unique offering and their own brand. However there was no brand identity for the mill itself. The Directors decided that they wanted to develop clear visibility for Sudbury Silk Mills, conveying its role as an employer and clearly communicate the relationship between itself and the three customer brands operating at its facility.

We designed a brand for the Mill with logo, fonts and colour palette and then applied it to a website that has a contemporary feel and where the people are the hero. The clean and uncluttered design allows the use of imagery to showcase the textiles produced and the team at the mill in their working environment.

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