Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 

Effective, digital marketing is what gives your business/organisation visibility in the online environment and determines how easy it is for your target audience to find you.  Handstand’s Digital marketing services can help you with evaluating your current online activity or managing it on your behalf including developing website content, social media and email marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing toolbox as it enables you to communicate directly with your target audience on a personal level. I can help you devise your overall strategy for your email marketing activity as well as the following services:

  • Setting up your email marketing platform
  • Creating a design for your email template
  • Creating different segments within your email list so that you can communicate different messages to different customer groups with different needs
  • Optimisation for sign-up rate, open rate and other metrics
  • Reporting results and providing recommendations on how to improve your email marketing’s performance

Pager Power

Website Content, Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing

  • Mike Watson, Chairman, Pager Power Ltd
    We appointed Hannah to improve and increase our digital marketing activity. Hannah helps us with keeping our website content up to date; making sure that our site is found on Google. She is also responsible for our email marketing ensuring that our existing contacts are aware of everything we can do for them. Hannah is very much an extension of our team. She is fun and hard-working and gets on well with everyone. Hannah over-delivers and as a result of her input, the KPIs we use to measure our marketing effectiveness have been turned around favourably resulting in an increase in new enquiries.

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