SEO & Content Strategy

SEO & Content Strategy

I know that, although search engine optimisation is hugely important, it is not the easiest area of online marketing to understand. My aim is to make it as simple as possible to generate a SEO plan that can be adopted and implemented by an organisation themselves, making SEO as cost effective as possible in the longer term. My process includes:

  • Website audit
  • Keyword research
  • Content page review
  • Training on keyword optimisation
  • Link strategy
  • Technical audit
  • Tracking and reporting of keyword performance
  • Quarterly review and recommendations

I offer SEO training for small business owners who wish to learn how to manage their own website content optimisation. Read more about it here.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is the creation and promotion of quality content for clearly defined audience groups with the aim of converting prospects into customers. I can help you plan the content for your website that will:

  • Generate quality traffic to your website through targeted and optimised content.
  • Increase engagement through content that your target audience will consider to be valuable to them and thus drive engagement and trust
  • Increase sales or conversion by presenting content at the right stage of the customer journey to encourage customers to purchase or make an enquiry
  • Build your brand’s authority through consistent, high quality, relevant content that educate or entertain the target audience which builds trust in your brand – attracting and retaining your customers

Thomasin Newton, Image & Style Consultant

Branding, Leaflet Design, SEO

  • Thomasin Newton, Image and Style Consultant
    Hannah helped me with the SEO for my website. She delivered everything I needed and provided very thorough training and follow up support when it was required. Working with Hannah I have every confidence that my SEO has been done correctly (unlike before). I had a lot more enquiries in the run up to Christmas which I hadn't had in previous years. I am attributing this to my SEO now being done correctly so that people can find me more easily. In my opinion Hannah offers a very reasonable rate and very comprehensive service. I would highly recommend Hannah for her SEO services.

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