Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Data analysis is fundamental to the marketing process. It’s essential to be able to measure the performance of your marketing activity so you understand what’s working well and what’s not working so well. I can help you look at how to monitor and measure different marketing metrics so you know how you’re performing. I can help you understand what your Google Analytics, Social Media and SEO Analytics are telling you about your digital activity.

Google Analytics

If you’re not measuring your digital initiative, how can you manage or optimise them? Google Analytics can provide a whole host of insight into how users interact with your website which you can use to plan developments to your site to maximise the return you receive. I can do all of this for you:

  • Set up analytics for your website
  • Set up goals to monitor conversion
  • Train you on how to read your Google analytics
  • Create reports to show the metrics that are important to your business
  • Generate comparisons between months or years
  • Create recommendations for adapting your digital marketing based on Google analytics insight

Customer Data

Would you like to turn the data you have about your customers into valuable insight? Do you need help using your data to improve your performance and drive revenue?

I have had extensive experience helping organisations make sense of their customer data. I can help you review the data you hold on your customers, understand what the data tells you about who your customers are, your most profitable customer groups and what their needs are. This insight can be used to drive your communications messages to customers.

Whether you want some analysis on the customers who purchase from you, customers who use your services or customers who participated in an event your organisation hosted, I can help you make sense of the data and provide valuable insight to inform business/marketing decisions.

See what our clients are saying

  • Fran Martin, St Francis Hospice
    Hannah carried out an event evaluation project analysing data from our Bubble Rush event. It was the first event of its kind, and we were keen to understand more about our participants. Hannah delivered a first class, comprehensive evaluation showing key findings plus recommendations and ideas for next year’s event. Hannah was extremely efficient, reliable, communicative and friendly from the very beginning until the end of the project. I would highly recommend Hannah.

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