Marketing Research

Marketing Research

If you’d like to understand your target audience and/or your market better in order to adapt your offering or define your marketing communications, I can help. I offer tailored marketing research packages to suit smaller budgets. My research results are always presented in an accessible way with recommendations for action. My research services include:

  • Competitor research
  • Market size and trend analysis
  • Background research on potential business partners and opportunities
  • Customer research including customer persona research and percpetion surveys

Perception Survey

If you are a small business or organisation and you want to get an idea of the level of awareness your target audience has of your organisation or how your target audience perceives you within your market place, I can help you. I can work with you to understand your research requirements, design a survey that will get the answers you are looking for, create the survey in an online environment and conduct the survey either through face-to-face or telephone interviews or via email. On completion of the survey I will produce an in-depth report that will include recommendations on how to move your organisation forward.

Perception surveys can be very valuable to help you define how to develop your offering to continue to meet your customers wants and needs, or inform the progress of a marketing campaign or help set the ground for a new campaign.

Customer Persona Research

How much do you know about your customers? You probably know quite a lot, however I can help you understand your customer groups in a way that you’ve never thought about them before. Through customer persona research I can help you identify the key characteristics of your different target audience groups which will help you think strategically about their different needs and how your marketing can meet those needs.

This research is particularly useful when you are about to embark on developing a website as the research can be used to think about how your new site will cater for these categories of people. The research can determine how technically able your target audience groups are, how engaged they are in the digital world and this level of knowledge can be used inform the site infrastructure, functionality, tone of voice, content strategy and design of the site.

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  • Mark Burns, Trustee, ECRC
    Hannah carried out a perception survey for the Earls Colne Recreation Club (ECRC). We were looking to understand of what actions could be taken to make joining the club a more attractive proposition. Hannah exceeded our expectations. She took a collaborative and constructive approach to working with our team, was very prompt at coming back with deliverables. Her research data and presentation of the feedback was extremely well constructed and clear. The club now has objective feedback enabling us to make decisions on what issues need to be addressed and the actions that have to be implemented.

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