Client: Pelviva

SEO action plan and content strategy

Pelviva is a pelvic floor muscle re-trainer that treats the symptoms of bladder leakage in women. The Pelviva e-commerce website was suffering from a lack of attention to SEO which had resulted in low levels of acquisition traffic from organic search. Therefore the CEO for Pelviva appointed Hannah to help put an action plan together to improve the search engine rank position (SERPs) for

Hannah recommended a series of actions including an in depth analysis of keywords and phrases is required to understand the language and search queries that Pelviva’s audience is using when searching for help with bladder leakage. 

The research was particularly useful for providing ideas for new content that the Pelviva team may not have considered to be relevant for your audience groups – particularly the blog content for the Pelviva site that can cover a broader range of related subjects and therefore possible search queries.

The keyword research was used to inform a content plan for to ensure that the most relevant content for users is added to the website going forward. New and unique pages were be developed which target important and specific keywords and topic areas. 

Since this activity, has increased its SERPs for relevant keywords and also is achieving a much higher level of traffic to the website from organic search.

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